Letter To Santa: A Beautiful Childhood Tradition

Introduction to the Art of Writing Letters to Santa

The tradition of writing a letter to Santa Claus has spanned generations, captivating the hearts of children around the world and preserving the magic of the Christmas season. Associating the season with love, goodwill, and giving, letters to Santa are a unique way to encourage children’s imagination, practice their writing skills and learn more about holiday traditions.

Origin of Writing Letters to Santa

The tradition originated in the mid-19th century when thousands of children, hopeful of the joys of Christmas, began penning their Christmas wish list to St. Nicholas. With parents assisting their children in translating their dreams into words, the tradition of drafting letters to Santa has held steadfast for over a century, promoting not only a belief in the magical Christmas figure but also fostering a culture of literary prowess among children.

The Art of Writing a Letter to Santa

Writing a letter to Santa isn’t just about listing down what a child wants for Christmas. It also becomes a way to express gratitude for past gifts, a tool to exhibit good manners and even a method to inquire about Santa’s well-being. This exacting form of writing encourages children to think about others and not just focus on material desires.

Effectiveness of Postal Services

Interestingly, mailing the letters has also sparked questions regarding the effectiveness of presence mail. One commonly asked question is, “are forever stamps still good?” to send letters to Santa. Parents assure children that forever stamps, which are non-denominational first class postage, are indeed still good. These US postal service stamps retain their value and, as the name suggests, are good “forever,” regardless of postal price changes over time.

What Happens to the Letters to Santa?

Every year, millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus find their way to post offices across the globe. With some countries operating special programs that take up the task of responding to these letters, the childhood faith in Santa Claus receives an incredible boost. In some countries, these letters are considered a national heritage and are preserved in national libraries and archives.

Writing a Letter to Santa: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start by helping your child draft an opening greeting followed by their introduction. Let them express gratitude for the gifts they received the previous year. Encourage them to share their year’s highlights, their accomplishments, and their improvements. Assist them in listing their Christmas wishes realistically and allow them to sign off with a warm goodbye and name.

Guide them to package the letter in an envelope, decorate it with festive stickers, and affix a stamp on the envelope. Finally, let them drop the letter in a nearby post box and await a reply. The anticipation, joy, hope, and excitement that this simple act summons further invigorates the holiday spirit.


Writing a letter to Santa Claus is more than just a fun Christmas tradition. It helps children develop myriad skills while keeping the Christmas magic alive in their hearts. It’s a beautiful and noble tradition that should continue to thrill many more generations of children in the future.