Why Kevin Trudeau Hcg Diet Plans Are Dangerous?

Submitted by: Amol Kotkar

hCG diet plan is so successful these days that people can easily milk in the popularity and run

their own business. But that can actually have adverse effect on users of the diet plan. It s really

odd thing while you hear it for first time but actually that thing is happening. Type Kevin

Trudeau hCG diet plan in Google and check some results. You will get exact idea about what I

am talking here. He has prepared a diet plan which actually claims to help you lose weight in 2

months. Not, my aim is not to prove that claim wrong but that can be done without spending 400

to 500 bucks just to buy a book that explains how to follow hCG diet plan when it can be done in

40 to 50 bucks if you buy hCG regimen from a website that offer it and follow this simple plan.

Yes, it is certainly possible to lose up to 15 to 30 lbs just in a month with use of hCG diet plan


ut when you go online you will find something else. People are craving and complaining about

this diet plan with main reason being lot of money going out of their pocket. However, that s

only one side of a coin. People are not complaining about hCG diet plan actually, they are

complaining about Kevin Trydeau s book about this diet plan which is quite expensive. Some of

the advices given in the book seem to be impossible for common men like you and me to follow.

But that doesn t mean hCG diet plan is useless or ineffective. You need to play smart here. Don t

uy Kevin Trudeau s book for diet plan. Rather do it yourself by buying hCG regimen directly

from some of the reputed websites that offer such products.

Main focus of hCG diet plan is on use of organic foods. Let it be chamomile tea or meat of beer,

organic foods actually help in reducing intake of calorie which passively effects on body weight.

In first phase of this plan, you are advised to eat 5-6 small meals rather than 3 heavy meals in a

day, for at least 30 days. And mind well, we are talking about organic food, not any weight loss

supplements or pills that can have diverse effects on your body. Use of organic foods will have

good effects on your overall health as well. You will feel energized after few days of starting

intake of organic foods. It s also advised to drink at least half gallon of water which actually

helps in burning fat and reducing stress. You will feel reduction in fat, especially belly fat afte

10-15 days of initiating hCG diet plan depending on how stubborn fat you have.

In second phase of hCG diet plan, hCG regimen is used. hCG regimen doesn t cost more than

50$. Use it for next 45 days. In third phase, just focus on organic foods and regular exercise.

In short, hCG diet plan has proved results and record. Just go through some of the hCG diet plan

eviews and you will have perfect idea about success of this plan. One can lose up to 30 lbs in 2

months using this plan. But, it s not advisable to buy book or any material that explains about

it because it can be costly as well as dangerous. Just go to website like HCG diets and buy hCG

egimen to start hCG diet plan now.

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