What Is Computer Virus ? How It Differ From Worms And How To Recover Your Pc From These?

Computer virus is a specific type of computer program that can replicate itself a number of times and hence, can lead to the infection of the computer it is hosting in. When carried to a target computer, the virus in the computer can infect the new computer also. The infection caused by the computer viruses is mainly through the file systems. The host file systems carry the virus to the new file systems, where in the viruses replicate themselves and infect the new file system. Moreover, the computers using internet are more prone to virus threats. Though often misunderstood with worms, which are similar to viruses by design, but are capable of infecting a system without any human interference, the transportation of computer viruses is not possible without any human interference. The viruses on PC travel from host to target only when the infected malware program is run, whereas the worms transport themselves from one computer to another directly through the files or the information transport features of computers.

Not all computer viruses cause complete damage of the system. Some viruses are mild and affect only local files, whereas some others can get extremely dangerous and can corrupt the computer. The only solution for such corrupted computers is to format them.


It is always better to avoid worst conditions. Similarly, it’s advisable to take proper measures for virus protection in the early phases of using computers. These measures taken to remove virus include the installation of reliable and effective Anti-Virus software on your PCs. This anti-virus software is specially designed for virus, malware or spyware removal. However, it should be updated and upgraded from time to time for complete PC security. It is very easy to download and install this anti-virus software from internet, but sometimes you may come across certain problems. An antivirus tech support can assist you with all the issues related to virus protection.

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