The Ups Store: Shipping Services And More

An Overview of the UPS Store and Its Services

The UPS Store is a franchised chain of retail stores, offering a wide array of business services primarily related to shipping and mail. In addition to providing expert advice and assistance for packing and shipping, the UPS Store also offers printing services, mailbox services, and a variety of additional business solutions that have helped countless entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses. But did you know that, among many other services, UPS Store also has affordable and high-quality shipping containers for sale Melbourne?

Shipping and Packing Services

When it comes to shipping, The UPS Store provides convenience and flexibility to its customers. With a multitude of shipping options via UPS, customers can choose services that meet their specific needs – whether it’s next-day delivery, international shipping, or ground shipping. Store associates can also help with custom packing, ensuring that the items are packed securely for safe delivery.

Printing Services

The UPS Store also offers a comprehensive range of printing services. This includes everything from business cards and promotional products to large format printing such as banners and posters. With professional printing equipment and knowledgeable staff, even the most complex printing tasks can be handled with ease and precision.

Mailbox Services

For individuals and businesses, The UPS Store also offers personal and business mailbox services. These come with a real street address – not a P.O. Box – so customers also receive packages from other carriers. Additional perks include mail holding and forwarding, package notification, and 24-hour access in some locations.

Shipping Containers for Sale Melbourne

While the UPS Store is known for packing and shipping services, it also has high-quality shipping containers available for purchase. In particular, the store provides a range of affordable shipping containers for sale Melbourne. Offering high-quality containers of various sizes and materials, the UPS Store ensures that each customer’s shipping needs are well-met. These containers are perfect for those looking to ship items overseas or for those in need of reliable and secure storage solutions. The staff at the UPS Store can provide customers with expert knowledge and advice on how to choose the best shipping container for their specific requirements.


Whether you are a business owner looking to print promotional materials, an individual needing to ship a package, or even if you are in the market for high-quality shipping containers for sale Melbourne, the UPS Store has you covered. The store operates with the mission of making business easier for its clients, providing them with convenient, reliable and high-value solutions for a wide variety of needs.