Ektron’s Professional Web Content Management

Ektron’s Professional Web Content Management


Daniel Dalton

Ektron Inc. is the leader in web content management software. Going beyond standard CMS, Ektron’s CMS400.NET is a single application that gives company’s the tools and features necessary to create, deploy, and manage their web sites and intranets. Not just managing their content but features like documents, assets, and multimedia management. The tool will support online forms, calendars, navigation, surveys and polls.

Allow business users and non-technical personnel to add, author, and keep informed Web content using WYSIWYG editor and set web messaging control directly in the hands of the subject matter experts – editing content becomes as easy as editing a word document. Translate content on-the-fly with the best-in-class automated localization support allowing you to easily deploy in a multi-lingual environment. Apply workflows, approvals, and permissions as well as maintain a complete history of content changes. Track the life-cycle of your Web site visitors. View real-time statistics to see how many people have come to your site, where they came from, what pages they viewed and allow your site visitors to rate the usefulness of content on your site. Run reports by day, week, month, year, or specify your own custom date range.

The taxonomy directory control provides built in navigation, no longer does the content author need to worry about how a site visitor is going to navigate to the page. Just add the content to any category and the directory control does the rest by providing a hierarchical navigation structure. It is also can be used to limit the scope of a search by maximizing the amount of relevant information returned.


Ektron’s new GeoMapping support will allow your content authors to create geographic sensitive content that will then appear on a Google or MS Virtual Earth map. Since the map control plugs right unto your web page, site visitors are never directed away from your web site to get map directions.

The new CMS400.NET wiki support allows site membership users to add, edit and create web pages on your web site. CMS400.NET’s membership model helps by bringing people back to their web site through things like subscriptions, web alerts and RSS feeds.

This new functionality is also be used to promote communication and collaboration making the sharing of information across projects and teams easier than ever.

Encourage interaction among your online community with forums. Allow anonymous posts or use Ektron’s built-in membership security model for authentication. Forums are browser-independent provided by Ektron’s java-script WYSIWYG editor.

Allow Web site visitors to self-register and self-administrate email notification preferences. When content is added or updated an email is automatically generated and sent to subscribers keeping them coming back to your site and Increasing customer loyalty.

Always find the document you need to read or edit. Manage all your documents and digital assets online just like your Web site content. Apply permissions, workflows, approvals, and maintain a complete history of changes over time. Auto generate PDFs or publish to HTML on-the-fly.

The Ektron Explorer plug-in revolutionizes the way users interact with Ektron CMS400.NET by allowing them to connect directly from their Windows Explorer to browse or search for Web site content and documents as well as add and manage documents.

With Web Content Management provided by Ektron as your guide, you will be better prepared to elevate your web site–whether it is small, growing, or already large–to an information-rich, enterprise-scale solution.


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