Did You Know That Bamboo Extract Is High In Silica And Good For The Skin?

By Darrell Miller

Bamboo extract contains high concentrations of naturally occurring silica known to have restorative effects on skin surface. In China bamboo plays a role in almost all aspects of society, from building and architecture to food and medicine. Either as food or cream, it is believed to have anti-aging properties. Largely owing to its popularity in the East, a myriad of topical applications have been developed from bamboo nowadays.

Bamboo has been cultivated in Asia since time immemorial. In a typical Asian town, it is difficult to look around and not realize the overwhelming presence of bamboo. It is ubiquitous in that it plays a very noticeable role in just anything any way you look at it. To name a few: the timber used in building huts and palaces, the bamboo shoots in many favorite Asian delicacies. The many cultures of Asia identify with one iconic plant, bamboo.

Diet Responsible for the Youthful Look


Be it known that bamboo symbolizes longevity in China. Consumption of bamboo shoots ought to delay the onset of wrinkles and promote a radiant youthful-looking skin, explaining its widespread use in traditional culinary practices of neighboring countries. In Southeast Asia, thin slices of bamboo shoots are added to just any dish, including pastries and spring rolls. In India, the pith of bamboo is pickled and used as a condiment added to curry powders. In Vietnam, it is primarily stir-fried with other vegetables. In Japan, the timber is boiled several times until it becomes soft enough to be eaten. The sap is also widely used in wines, soft drinks, and health tonics, which are reported to reduce fever, ease muscle spasms, and increase libido.

Bamboo Manna

The mineral silica in is extracted from bamboo leaves and stems. Bamboo extract may also refer to the well known English term Bamboo Manna, in other words bamboo silica. In the old days Bamboo Manna was primarily obtained from Melocanna bambusoides, a certain species of bamboo also known as Muli bamboo. Silica is notably associated with bamboos in India, where it is extracted from the natural white substance locally called tabashir or banslochan. It is very difficult to obtain this substance the traditional way as it is harvested by checking individual stems. Bamboos alleged to contain silica are supposed to make a rattling sound when shaken, and then split open.

Today the bamboo extract found in common cosmetic products, such as silica gel, soaps, lotions, and exfoliants, mostly comes from the leaves in the form of liquid, which changes to a crystalline powder rich in silica. These products are noted for their positive effects, including maintaining the ductile properties of hair and washing away dead skin cells and unwanted agents.

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